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Succeed in Network Marketing

Succeed in Network Marketing

When you begin a job, a career, a relationship, and yes especially a Network Marketing company you are faced with a myriad of possibilities. The chances of progression along with the disappointments could come in any form. To succeed in Network Marketing is as difficult as managing a job a career or a relationship. Customers at your job can be unmanageable and could one day complain about everything you do or everything you don’t do. Some of the subject material that you need to know to start a career in your field could be painfully boring, and to think that you will have to deal with this throughout your career could be frightening. You can find one day that your significant other has a bad case of flatulence. What do you do in all these cases? What would you do if you wanted to succeed in Network Marketing and knew that anytime or at any moment you were going to face real challenges?

The idea of mindset is one that is always passed around but it is never really truly covered. People always tell you that you have to have a big reason for wanting to do things. When you  want to succeed in Network Marketing, a job, a career or a relationship, you have to have the right mindset; You have to have a BIG reason why.

Some people say, “I need a second job so I can put my son through college”. What if that son realizes that college might not be for him? Some people say, “I need a good career so I can make a lot of money”. What if the money you make is not worth the time and energy you are putting into it? Or that the money you make is at the expense of your family? Some people say, “I want to marry that man or woman because she/he is beautiful” What if in a couple of years they develop a condition and they don’t look the same as they did when you were married?

I’ve heard that your why has to make you cry to succeed in Network Marketing but I don’t see how this covers the entire concept. You are put in a particular mindset when you ask yourself why, and if your why makes you cry you make an emotional connection to what you are doing but you don’t want to ultimately rely on an emotion for what you are doing. The bottom line is that you have to develop a sound philosophy for what you are doing. A sound philosophy that will help you succeed in Network Marketing not just because it provokes a strong sentiment in you but because you will able to reason with yourself and others as to why you would invest so much energy in something. Now this could be a job, a relationship, a career or to succeed in Network Marketing.

A strong philosophy or reasoning that you can emotionally tie yourself into has to be bigger than just wanting to be rich. Too many people want to succeed in Network Marketing because they want to have a nice car, a big house, and all the things in the world, and this is what too many people offer you when inviting you to their opportunity. This philosophy has you focused on your end goal and the means by which you attempt to reach your end goal is written in your eyes and on your forehead. This philosophy has too many marketers hitting the streets trying to recruit every one they see and when they face rejection they backlash burning another person away from the opportunity.

The real purpose and value in this industry and the real reason people succeed in Network Marketing is because they understand that it is a people business. This means that it’s not about the money, it’s about the people. The most valuable resource on the planet is undoubtedly the person. When you hear people saying that you have to treat others like gold or like a million bucks, RUN! There is no way and there are no forms of comparing a person to any material object. Gold, platinum, diamonds, silver are worth what they are worth because people stamp value on them. We have come to this point in history because we, as a culture, once understood that a person is only limited by the infinite capacity of the human imagination.

People nowadays are too eagerly qualifying each other by the car they drive, the house they live in or their net worth in general. People, wether they realize it or not, are fed up with this mentality. It’s known as the, “keeping up with the Jones’s”  and it’s ridiculous. To succeed in Network Marketing you have to have an intrinsic understanding of this. This is what you must understand and you have to offer the solution.

When you have a philosophy of charity, service to others, sacrifice of yourself, commitment to the task at hand and it’s power to mold and grow you as well as others, you will begin to succeed in Network Marketing. The DNA of this industry is so committed to this that truly only the masters of this industry are granted with the grace to live as one with The Great Ideal, The Only Ideal.

Meditate on the world you have seen since coming in contact with Network Marketing or MLM. What windows have been opened and allowed you to see the world differently. Write down everything you feel is important from your thoughts and read books and listen to audio that reinforces your thoughts. The hardest part of this process is finding some one to confide in and sharing with them your revelations.

This is how to develop a strong philosophy that ties your emotions into a sound reasoning that will inspire people not only by your intellect but with your heart.

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